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I initially had 6" of water inside my crawl space. It had to be repaired from the outside so I obtained many quotes for this job being that it was a costly repair - every quote was over $10,000! A friend of mine referred Mario to me which quoted me $8,000 and said it would take approx. 3 days to complete. He fully explained what needed to be done to properly repair the water leakage. I have done my own research myself and simply sat back and listened. Mario knew exactly what he was talking about and was knowledgeable. At this point, I felt comfortable enough to give him the job. I did not regret my decision! He worked VERY hard throughout the job!! The first day was entirely of breaking concrete - as I said, it was hard work! I had about 12" of concrete around the entire structure. This had to be removed before the digging could start. Mario then brought in a Kubota machine to excavate. It was tight, but he operated the machine like a surgeon! Definitely experienced showed! The area was fully dug, installed a new weeping tile, tested original weeper before connecting new to original, waterproofed the block foundation and back filled the area. During the entire job, the area was kept clean and organized. Another point of interest was that he took the time to explain and discuss the process throughout the job. This alone helps to ensure the job is done right the first time. I usually don't take the time to write a review, but in this case, I was very happy with the job and it was entirely due to having the right person. Well done Mario!

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