I recently had Loc-Tite do my patio and I like to share my experience with you. I saw Loc-Tite’s trucks many times in Richmond Hill and I thought it must be a good company if they can effort to have so many trucks. Also, I saw one of their jobs which I thought was pretty good. So I decided to call them. The sales man (Fortis) was very friendly and I thought the price quote he gave me was very reasonable and almost the same as the other quotes I had gotten. I signed a contract with him and gave him a deposit. A week later one day when I came home I saw that they had already done the foundation. I was a little disappointed that they had showed up and done this without even calling me to tell me that they are going to come by and do this. Anyhow, after this incident I tried to reach the sales man (Fortis) and left him a few voicemails but he never returned my call. I guess once he got his commission he did not care anymore. Three weeks later a crew of 3 guys knocked on my door at 7:00PM and they said they want to start the second phase of the job the next day. The team lead’s name was Ryan. Again, I wish they had called me a couple of days before to tell me they are coming instead of just showing up. Ryan was a very friendly guy and I could tell that he really wanted to do good work. He was working on my patio for 3 days and I was pretty happy with the result. According to the contract their work has a warranty of one year. I fully expect to call him in the spring because typically stones shift in the first winter. The true test would be if they really going to show up to fix any issues next spring. I will write in my second part of the review about their warranty.

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Mo Richmond Hill

Still waiting for the second part of your review, I understand that you needed a small repair on the interlocking I trust everything was repaired to you satisfaction.