I had the Durie group install our stone counters and nothing about the job was even close to being reasonably done right! It was a complete disaster. He didn't measure anything right, the edges of the stone in rough and I have cut my fingers on it when wiping the counter. I didn't sign the contract and I wanted him to come back and fix the mistakes but he absolutely refused. What's funny to me is if you look back at the other jobs that he has done, it seems that they all cost around $4500. There's so many issues with what he installed to list. The seams are so wide the filler is cracking and chipping. The sink hole was cut by hand that it's wavy to the eye. I'm so upset and really hope no one ever used this company because you will be sorry. My lawyer suggested we go to small claims court but I didn't have an extra $5000 to do it. So basically I'm screwed.

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