Do yourself a favour and avoid this company. They may be cheaper than other companies but you will pay for it with your time and headaches and subpar product. We ordered and paid for windows in May of 2022. We were convinced by the salesperson to upgrade our windows to triple pane since it will be a wash (the extra cost) after the govt rebates. Our windows were supposed to arrive 6-8 weeks because of delays of product. Fine. July rolls around A no word. We get a call in late august telling us our windows will arrive and be installed in ..November !!!! So almost 6 months after ordering. The company said someone forgot to place the order. No apology. No compensation for the 3 month delay of our Reno and all of the labour expense involved with that. Nothing. Windows finally arrive and get installed and just a few weeks later the black finish on the frame is already wearing off. Then we also get told we dont qualify for the rebate because we needed to have an audit before the window install. Nice of them to sell the product promising rebates and then leave us high and dry. Just headaches all around and really poor customer service.

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