Piano movers did a great job maneuvering piano into my home. However, my concern is that they removed the legs and the sheet music stand and did not know how to properly reinstall them. When they installed the sheet music stand, I found a small part on the floor after they left. It was a felt washer that prevents the screws from scratching the wood. Also, the other felt washer was installed on the wrong side of the screw hole. The legs were reinstalled but are now wobbly. The person reinstalling the legs struggled to do so and was not confident while putting them back on. I'm not sure if I'm expecting too much, but I thought that there should have been at least one person in the group that was familiar with the basic parts of a piano and how to put them back on. Although I feel they did a great job getting the piano into my home, I am hesitant in recommending this company based on the total experience.

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Company Response

We are sorry you felt your experience did not meet your expectation. It is weird for me to read a review that uses the words like “They did a great job” but only scores 5 out of 10, it feels like a real contradiction. As the person that handles quality control, normally I would have had a call from any customers about questions like this, but since I did not, I will have to piece a few things together from your review to answer your question, since you have not contacted us about these issues.

Based on the music desk and leg description, it sounds like this is a smaller apartment size upright piano that was moved, with two peg legs on it and a flip down music desk above the keyboard. Usually, the only time these parts are removed by the movers is if they are already loose and falling off and/or the piano is going up a wicked flight of stairs with a nasty turn involved to make it fit up the staircase. Most pianos of this style and vintage are 50/50 whether they still have the felt washers on them as they do wear out and disintegrate with time. Depending on the style, half the pianos out there do not actually need them anymore or they go between two metal brackets, again depending on the music desk. It is usually a 30 second fix to correct if they were placed in the wrong spot, which I would be happy to look at for you. There are a couple different styles for how upright piano peg legs attach, but the most common for the type you are describing is the screw on design. What most people do not know, is that they naturally wear loose with age and every piano move. It is a basic flaw in the design that usually does not show up till years later or on a piano that has seen several piano moves. The round ones are the easiest to adjust and tighten because the legs can face any direction. The square or rectangular legs can be a real pain, because to make them tight means making the piano leg go crooked which looks horrible. To make it look straight again, you sometimes must leave a little play to it, hence the wobble. If our movers spent an unusual amount of time on this, he was probably trying to find that happy balance for you. This situation is not the mover’s fault, it has just become obvious when they try to correct it for you. I personally know another mover that told me he had charged a customer an additional $400 to correct this problem for them. Normally when we see this issue of the loose upright peg legs, our movers try our best to correct it at no additional charge, which does sound like the case here based on your description. I would have to come out in person to see the piano firsthand to know for sure if that was the case.

I do not know if this helps, but if you are really concerned about the job our piano movers did and feel they only deserve a barely passing grade, you should talk to a manager like myself that can look into and address any real concerns you might have about your experience. This way you are no longer hesitant and can know for sure whether you should or should not recommend this company.


Atiar came to the house. Disassembled my LG washing machine (which was working, but it was making a thumping noise intermittently). Determined it was the rollers causing the noise. I decided not to proceed with the repair as it seemed costly. He put the washing machine back together. I tried using it that night and it would not work. The drum would not spin and it emitted a burning smell. Called Atiar back. He said it was the rollers. This set off alarm bells. I explained that it was working before he came, but he still resisted. He finally agreed to come back. He managed to come back the next day (this is his saving grace and the reason why I did not put a "0" for the rating). He had put the belt over the drum incorrectly. He fixed it and it started working again. I shouldn't have had to argue about the issue, and he still was not accountable for what happened even after the whole situation. I guess I may have too high of a standard for honesty and integrity.

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There was insulation coming up through my registers. I was concerned about where it might be coming from. I called the company and Paul answered. He was very knowledgeable and after speaking with him for a few minutes he decided to come take a look at the situation. Paul had a look at my furnace and pin-pointed where the issue might be coming from (even though I had asked a different company prior to speaking with Paul and they had no clue as to what was going on). He had a look at the furnace and sure enough found the problem and resolved it quickly. Paul found a bunch of insulation and garbage beside the coil. He vacuumed it all up and cleaned the tray inside. Paul was very THOROUGH in doing the job and explained everything as he went along. What a relief to find someone who knows what they are doing and is genuine and honest. He went above and beyond and I will not soon forget. I will definitely be contacting The Duct Cleaning Specialists again for ALL future work. Thanks, yet again for being so awesome!!

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Company Response

Hi Jeremy. Thank you for taking the time to share about your experience with us. Glad everything went well and you were happy with the work performed. If we can be of any help or service in the future, please keep us in mind. Have a great day. ~Paul


I bought a Groupon for gutter cleaning services from Home Pro Exteriors. I wasn't sure about it at first, but decided to try them out. The worker seemed friendly and arrived on time. They came out and cleaned our gutters quickly. Thanks.

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