I have small children who can't help but spill everything on the furniture, especially on the off-white dining-room chairs during meals. My husband and I were getting tired of sitting on the stained chairs and were a bit embarrassed of how they were looking, so we decided to have them recovered with a child proof fabric (if there was such a thing!). We did a Google search and found a local upholsterer, Anthony at Amp Upholstery. I brought in my seats to have him take a look at them. He took his time with me, and showed me a wide range of family friendly fabrics. The one I finally chose was a fabric which is teflon coated, and is supposed to clean and wear very well. The price for the labor was great, although the fabric I bought was a bit pricier because of the teflon coating. I've had the chairs back now for a couple of weeks, and they look and feel great. The kids are still spilling food on them, but the fabric cleans well with just a quick wipe from a damp cloth. Thank you Anthony for the great service and job well done!

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