Our kitchen was completed and we were reasonably happy with the project. We were very pleased with the design created by Kelly, she listened carefully to our needs and met those well. We are also satisfied with the cabinets and counter tops. The project was finished almost on time and within the budget we had agreed to. There were adjustments that had to be made and Kelly ensured that we were satisfied. It was fortunate for us that we were available to oversee the work and ensure that it met our expectations. After going through this we learned an important lesson that we would like to pass on to other people who may be doing renovations. It is important for the homeowner to protect themselves by holding back 10% of the contract price for 45 days after the job is substantially performed. This will partially protect the home owner from claims by any subcontractors. I suggest you keep all payment receipts, photograph the process and keep a public record of progress.

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We purchased a Bosch Built-in Fridge (along with other appliances) from Caplan's and it was delivered in October of 2012. Unfortunately, the right door arrived scratched, dented and misaligned and upon the advice of the delivery crew, we did not accept delivery. Caplan's called us and said that they would replace the panel and repair the alignment issue, so we agreed to accept the fridge. Our sales rep emailed me on Oct 4th "Yes the panel is on order and as soon as it arrives we will follow up with replacement and final adjustments." We do not hear from Caplan’s and I complain to our kitchen designer. We finally get a serviceman to the house in February to assess the issue. They will order the part if we agree to a charge of $1019.29. I contact Caplan's Customer Service Manager, Liz, and remind her that they had agreed to this repair. On Feb 12, she states, “We have ordered a new door it will take 2-4 weeks." I contact customer service in mid March to ascertain the status. Liz states, “We did receive the door but it was damaged and was refused. I am waiting for the new door to arrive and hope to see it soon.” Finally, the serviceman calls to arrange the repair. They come to the house April 10th with the wrong door! So once again, I contact customer service and am offered $75 instead of the repair. I decline. I am assured the part is on order. Time passes and I get an email asking the model number. Time passes, they have decided not to order the part, but apparently will send some guy named Steve who removes scratches and dents. He apparently can make a fridge that say fell off a truck look good as new. We have declined this option and will take it up with Bosch. Be wary when dealing with this company.

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Bob from the Oakville office provided a helpful, informative estimate and identified ventilation issues that we needed to address. As we had an active leak, he arranged for the job to begin right away. The job was complete within 3 days and the courteous professional crew left the yard very clean and tidy. The need for decking replacement increased the cost by about $500, but the workers showed me the decking and gave me the choice before proceeding. We are pleased with the improved ventilation and the look of the Certainteed 40 year shingles. I would recommend this company to others.

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