Huge disappointment on delivery. Took 3 months to deliver windows. Suppose to take 19 working days. Small change to the order, Got push back to the end of the queue. I don't blame the salesman. It is their production scheduling not working.

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Company Response

Good Morning Danny,
I was troubled by your review today, your business and experience is very important to us. I investigated various departments input and was pleasantly surprised by our internal performance! It is inaccurate to suggest a long production cycle based on your May25th start. We were informed June 10th, (nearly 3 weeks into our scheduling that your designer required a colour change. June 18, they submitted a B-Moore colour (stone brown) for us to match. That means the order is on hold. On june 30th, they approved the sample colour we provided and signed off. On that day, our published lead-time for custom coloured windows with STDL grids was 35 days. I learned this morning the order is scheduled to ship Aug 6th. We actually pulled your order ahead by 9 days (without knowledge of your dissatisfaction this morning). Danny, I am sincerely sorry we appeared to have disappointed you. However for a custom coloured, 468 grid patterned window package; I must side with our production crew. We produced your order in 24 days including the Stone Brown colour.
Next time, we need to better explain the our business what seems to be a simple change (custom colour) literally stops everything cold.
We don't build the windows and colour them, we colour the extrusion then build the windows. (after your paint arrives).
Feel free to call me directly if you think we can do more to assist you.
Ian ( President &CEO)


Stephanie did a great job for me. Considered this is a custom home with many features I would like myself. The city approved my plans without any major issues. She also advised me on current trend of design to keep the house design in the current market. I am very satisfied with her service.

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Nic asbestos inspection is very good. He is on time and produce a very thorough report. I would definitely recommend him for asbestos inspection. His rate is very reasonable and got it done very quickly.

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