We knew while renovation our dream home, the kitchen would end up being the hardest. We saw the work they did first hand in our friends home, so we decided to get a quote from Danny and his team. Quote was competitive, and products/material were high end, future-proof, and super high quality. They made some serious concessions for us to have it done in time for our yearly Christmas party, even though his main installer had a broken shoulder. Kitchen came out fantastic!

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Thanks very much for the great review! It was a pleasure working with you guys.


I'm working with the owner of the business to resolve some noise issues. it has been 2 years since the installation, i have had to pay another company to come and rip out the new hardwood, repair the subfloor, and re-install new hardwood that i have paid all out of my own pocket. All because his installer did not do the job correctly I am waiting on owner to take his installer to court, and get financial compensation back, so he can pay me back money that i have lost.

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Mr Ahi
Most of the claims you have made in this review are either at best inaccurate or at worst just plainly false. Mehdi (the man you refer to as this man) has gone above and beyond for you on more than one occasion, and all he has gotten in return is name calling and disrespect from you. Our installers are absolutely professional teams and we do over 300 installations per year. Since you are the only client who has not been satisfied no matter what measures we have taken, I would suggest the issue is more related to you than our company.
As you mention in your statement you were always aware of the issue of the flooring squeaks. You are also aware of all the measures we took to remedy the structural issue. We even spent two weeks after the installation was completed to screw in the joists from below. This is outside the scope of our work. We never charged you for this work, but did it out of concern for the quality of the final product that we were delivering to you.
We acknowledged the issue of the material and subfloor making the noises you mentioned. We suggested to create a claim with the manufacturer (Kentwood) and you refused the offer. If your floors are bubbling and delaminating this is due to the lack of humidity in your home which is an improper maintenance after installation. We took your concerns to Kentwood (Not Mercier Wood Flooring as you have suggested) and they did not stand behind their product. We then promptly closed our account with Kentwood and are no longer doing business with a company that does not stand behind their product. They have been removed from our showroom and website. In fact we first showed you the Mercier material which was of superior quality and you refused to purchase from Mercier because all you cared about what price point and you chose a Kentwood floor not a Mercier one.
Mehdi not only promised to take care of your issue (which are structurally related or product related due to improper maintenance) but he also followed through. He brought in a separate company to inject glue beneath the hardwood floors and you were supposed to sign an agreement indemnifying us after the work was completed. You never signed this document and told Mehdi after it was done that you never had any intention of signing that document. In fact, we have done exactly what we have told you we would do every step of the way and you are the one who has always negotiated in bad faith.
The reason the other person was not paid in full is because he did not do the job in full. He did a small test area and he was supposed to be paid once we got your full satisfaction, which to this day is not forthcoming. We paid for that service above and beyond your contract. the terms of this agreement are between M Squared and the sub contractor. We are not obliged to explain ourselves to any third party. We then sent one of our installers for an additional two weeks to nail the floors from the top (as per your specific request and against our best judgements). Again, you were not charged for this and again you were supposed to indemnify us after this work was completed, which you never did. Your project has cost us over $15,000 to date to try to remedy. Mehdi never once left you without a response if you contacted him. He even came to your home and offered you free flooring to replace the floors on the second floor. You again refused to sign a document to indemnity us, saying that you were not making a claim, while all the while making a claim.
The subfloor that was installed in your home was an OSB plywood which is 100% approved by the OBC to be used as flooring subfloor. You DID NOT want to pay more for the quality plywood material. Everything we installed was as per your specifications.
Lastly you speak of karma. We believe in Karma very much as a team at M Squared and we make sure to always do our best for our clients because we want the good karma back. We leave it to Karma to judge us on our actions.

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Fantastic person to deal with. Gabe is a hard worker, humble, and has an amazing personality. He takes care of our landscaping, and recently we gave him our snow removal service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I wish more business owners were like him!

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Hello Ahi,
Thank you very much for your feedback. We invest a lot of time to provide the best service to our customers,
It is a great satisfaction for us, work with people who really values a very good service.
Best regards,