Our first heating season in a new house was full of surprises - a boiler leaking CO, and asbestos-wrapped pipes leading in to it. A few frantic phone calls later (which we only made because the first quote we had - from Direct Energy - was so high that we felt we had to suffer the cold and shop around), and we were in touch with David, from Amosite. From the first contact on the phone until he left our property, he was great: knowledgeable, calm, and reassuring. His team not only did the job he quoted on and then some (but without 'and then some'-ing the price), but they were respectful of our situation (a 5 week old baby, and a 3 year old, both of whom were still sleeping), and arrived at 6:56 AM (4 minutes ahead of schedule). After the job was done, I asked him for a quote on removing the remainder of the asbestos in the area (we only removed what needed to be removed to pave the way for further work). I got not only a very fair quote, but also invaluable information. When Amosite left, I had not only gotten exactly what I needed to have done, I also knew a lot more about asbestos than I was able to learn online. I will use him for any work that I can possibly have him do, and would recommend his team without a moment's hesitation.

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Talk to David before you jump to conclusions/follow someone else's advice on what needs doing.
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