On the surface this company might appear to be professional but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a disorganized group of people that cost us over $200 due to their incompetence - 15 holes were drilled into our walls for nothing. When given every chance to make it right we were ignored. When our issue was taken to the President, Steve Resser, our frustrating experience was treated with indifference and contempt. It became clear as to why we were originally ignored - the company's attitude stems from the President. Use this company at your at peril.

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Company Response

Retrofitting existing home walls can be fraught with challenges. There is an element of guesswork as to the exact construction of the existing walls, even if the walls are explored with drilling small holes at the time of investigation by a technical/sales representative. This invasive approach to determine if the walls are suitable for retrofit is not perfect, and in this case all of the walls considered for retrofit by the customer proved to have insulation within the wall cavities.

Typically our field technicians will drill a hole, and probe the wall cavity to determine the wall framing pattern. In this case, they found insulation, advised the customer of same and our crew was then directed by the customer to continue to drill exploratory holes into the walls considered for retrofitting. Our company does not patch/finish holes…something that is not practical to complete in a ‘days’ installation (compound will not dry), as such there is always a responsibility by the customer to patch and finish these holes. This is always explained to our customers at the time a sales agreement is reached.

Unfortunately when a project does not work out to everyone’s expectations there are hard feelings. We are of course upset that we could not complete the work, even more so that we could not reach an amicable resolution to this situation. Great Northern remains committed to supplying quality products and services and with anything in life, we take away lessons learned from every experience with our customers.

Steve Reesor, P.Eng. (APEGGA)
Great Northern Insulation Services