College Pro is exactly what you would think it is. The word ‘college’ equating to the inexperienced, unprofessional, young people who dirty your entire house and the word ‘pro’ that is used as a sarcastic idiom which is intended to distract you from the former word. When the painter decided to drag our $8,000 couch across our hardwood floor that destroyed not only the legs of the couch, but also our floor, we understood it was merely an accident. The issue is over the fact that the simple work was not done up to our standards. He was unable to fill the cracks in our ceiling and paint over it. We take responsibility of our mistake. It’s like we went to McDonald’s and asked for a medium rare Kobe beef burger. But, we didn’t even do that. We went to McDonald’s and asked for a cheeseburger and instead found a mouse covered in processed cheese. Did I take that metaphor too far? Oops. The point is that the actual work that was supposed to be done was not completed or insufficient for us to move forward. The service here was amateurish at best. These uneducated children have no idea how to conduct business. The young lady we spoke to, informed us that she wanted compensation for the work the painter did. I almost spat out my juice when I heard that. Because not only did we have to 1) find someone to finish the job, 2) pay for the damage done to the floor, and 3) find new legs for our couch. In essence, this company owed us money. But of course, we are generous and better people than most, we decided to give them $500 out of the $1100. My family is much more generous than I. I guess it’s the New York in me that would have torn this girl to shreds and ruined her professional life because she wanted to mess with me. The point is if you want something done right, I suggest you don’t go to College Pro Painters. Thanks, Erin for an absolutely horrible experience! I’ll make sure everyone knows about your horribly run business. XOXO

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