After consulting several air conditioning companies, I settled on Air Treatment Heating & Cooling, on the recommendation of a friend. He himself had chosen the company based on someone else's recommendation. I was especially impressed with the salesperson who came to the house, discussed options, suggested several choices of makes and models, and appeared to know her stuff. She was competent, courteous, patient, and always available by phone afterwards. Once I agreed, the job was completed quickly.

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We always try and provide multiple options for our customers so that they throughly understand their options. Customer service is our sole focus here at Air Treatment, we would like to thank you for your generous review


After interviewing several companies, I hired BonGro to do my landscaping job. I chose them because I wanted a match for the interlocking stone presently on my property. While all the other companies said the stone was old, and no longer available, BonGro assured me several times that they absolutely could find the match. On that basis I hired them. When the job was half through BonGro informed me that in fact the stone wasn't available; needless to say, I was by that time committed to their company! Another incident of a broken promise occurred when, during the work, I discovered a large planter had been broken. BonGro promised to replace it, even going so far as to say the replacement "was on the truck". The worker said he would drop it off the next morning. In good faith I then paid the outstanding amount on the bill. The cheque was immediately cashed, but I never received the planter. If you use the company, get all promises in writing, and withhold money until ALL commitments and obligations have been fulfilled!

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I gave Jill a quote on lifting and re laying pavers for her driveway side walkway and back patio. The problem was that water was flowing into the homes direction instead of away from it. As we conversed I did assure her that the paver’s were indeed available because I contacted my supplier and they told me that there was limited available but enough to what we needed to make our repairs to her paver’s. However when we had this conversation and when Jill gave me the go ahead that we were rewarded her job 2 month’s had passed and a supplier is not going to hold a brick for anybody without a deposit and seeing how we did not get our contract signed for 2 month;s later I did not know if Jill found another contractor. Once the contract was signed I did not pick up a deposit check from her right away, however once we started the job I had informed Jill 3 days into the project that we needed a deposit, She said she needed 2-3 days to transfer the money into her account and I said this was fine.

When it came to the stage that we needed new bricks I told Jill and we presented her with 3 pavers that were of the same cost and look to what she had, she told me they were not satisfactory and I told her I can supply 3 more paver’s but that these were at a higher cost. She said ok and picked a tumbled paver and told us to proceed. When it came to the end of the project we threw garbage away for her at our cost and di not charge her for it, the broken planter she is claiming we broke was already broken I assure you. She had stated she wanted it replaced with another one that is much bigger than the one she apparently had, I had told her no way. But out of good faith I deducted $50 dollars from the bill. I don’t give any of my customer’s grief, I always tell my guys to do a little more for our customers because want our clientel to always feel great that they chose Bon Gro Landscape and Design Ltd. as there company to beautify there home.

Everyone of our customer’s has had a great service from us and we deal with hundreds of clientele each year. Even once a job is complete we don’t ask our customer’s for the balance for at least 3 days to a week once the job is complete , our customer’s call us to pick up our money and they give it to us with a smile and gratitude that they chose us


Sal Zambito

Project Manager