Gave me the B/S line "exactly that one in stock - not picked up by customer - give you a deal". Not a deal at all - sold me the wrong carport! Ordered it RIGHT FROM FUTURE STEEL WEBSITE PHOTO - by product # too! Still the wrong one. I noticed when they sent the wrong plans. Was then told by the salesman " nooo, that's the right one - really" - "trust me, they all look like that on the plans" I didn't trust them and had new plans drawn up, and a new contract. In all fairness to them, they didn't argue or ask for more money. They just said don't pour your footings, we're doing new plans as fast as we can - fair enough - sort of. Took 2 MORE months to get the right one! Winter set in. Defeated the whole purpose of purchase. Delivered at night making proper inspection almost impossible. Packing list is indecipherable for a layman installer so you really wouldn't know if all the correct, proper fitting parts are there or not. Hope they are... ...install delayed 7 months probably - can't wait to find out if nothing fits or if pieces are missing - as most other reviews suggest. Instructions a generic "works with all building types" sort of construction guidelines. Non of which are for a building like my carport. Sales managers and salesman - for the most part, very nice on the phone. No complaints that way. BOTTOM LINE: antiquated B/S sales system. High pressure closing techniques. Reminds me of Kirby vacuum sales pitches of the 70's & 80's. Out of touch with modern consumer intellect. Out of touch with modern customer service expectations. Out of touch with communication skills between parties. Out of touch with social media reviews (obviously). Need to improve the customer interface policies to prevent these types of consumer reactions. So: BE PROACTIVE IN DOING YOUR HOMEWORK. CHECK EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR CONTRACT BEFORE SIGNING. CHECK LOCAL BYLAWS WITH YOUR PLANS. HAVE DELIVERY SCHEDULED ONLY FOR A TIME WHEN YOU CAN CHECK EVERYTHING VERY CAREFULLY. Insist on structure specific assembly booklet. It's too bad - they seem like a good company with good products. I wanted it to be better for that much money. Lets hope the worst is behind me.

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