Bought a table from there store. Had it delivered, and where very happy with the table until we found it damaged. Called them and they where going to deliever another table free of charge. Took off a half day of work to recieve the table and it turned out the table was even more damaged than the new one we had bought. They must have swapped that table out with one in the bargan bin. Called management on a thursday and he was going to have it taken care of. Week and a half later we had to call them back and talk to two other managers and both of them gave us the run around. Finally talked to the owner and he was going take care of it. Had to call back 2 days later because I only seen part of what was promised to happen. We where very excited about Stoney Creek Furniture since we had just bought a new house and need to furnish the entire house and we like so many things in the store. After this experience with this company I would not recommend to anyone or do I have a good feeling about this company. If they would have done things right the first time, or at least fixed the problem RIGHT the first time and taken accountability for their mistake than we would have been satisfied and repeat customers.

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