Far better off using Scott's Weed B Gone, horrible service and aftercare, wish I had trusted the negative reviews. Initial sign up for service included any follow-up treatments should weeds continue to be present, no follow up on this commitment at all. After treatment, a reapplication request was made, no response was had for a couple of weeks, another inquiry resulted in a reapplication with a commitment of a Sr Technician to assess. The Sr Technician assessed the lawn and made a recommendation that the treatment was not effective and another treatment was required, it has been a month since this recommendation and again no follow-up! My treatment of the lawn was more effective and with Scotts weed b gone and actually less costly. I was hoping for a service in which I can spend more time with family, however have gone back to applying my own weed control treatment.

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Initially, we were very happy with the sales process of purchasing flooring for our new home, however things quickly went sour. Mishaps with delivery on several occasions, no communication from the company of the delivery delays resulted in having to wait in an unfinished home with no idea of the delivery being rescheduled. Needless to say this was cause for frustrations and regret of choosing this company. The installers were nice, however upon completion we did notice a number of boards in high visible areas that should not have been used. Several scratches to the floors were left by the installers, residue was also left in a number of areas for us to clean up. Would not recommend this company.

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After reading a few recommendations on RedFlagDeals about New Age Security, I requested an online quote for a home security system. I was quickly contacted by Rino Contino who gave me a very thorough explanation of what services/products they offered. Rino was extremely detailed on what made a good system also going through the various packages they offered from a fairly basic system to the advanced (I went in between). Scheduling the install went through without a hitch, Phil one of their installers came by the day after closing and did the whole house install and gave me a tutorial on how to use the system. I was really impressed with Phil, extremely courteous and pleasant the entire day. Would definitely recommend this company!

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