Incredible performance. We were ready to rip out the tub and all the wall and floor tiles in our ensuite bath and rebuild from scratch. Grout Masters literally saved us thousands of dollars by doing the unbelievable and restoring our 21-yr old tiles, sealant and grout to virtually new condition. Unless I had seen this happen with my own eyes I wouldn't have thought it was possible. The best I had hoped for was something that wouldn't be an eyesore anymore (no more mold and less patchy grout) but the finished project is truly beautiful, every single square inch flawless. Well done, Grout Masters...very well done .I"ve already told my favourite realtors and shared before/after pics on fb. They also did our kitchen floor and I was plesantly surprised to see that they had literally gone wall-to-wall by moving ALL the appliances completely out of the way. They knew that we will be selling in a couple of months but still went into places that prospective buyers will probably never see until years later, but that's how good Grout Masters truly is; they do things perfectly that you might never even see but they do it anyway.

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