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Our whole experience with Canada Shutters (aka Toronto Shutters) was great! These people are a treasure to deal with. They sell a high end wooden shutter. Just to note, our order was small. We were ordering shutters for two bathrooms. One bathroom has a window that has a rounded top and has a bathtub right in front of the window which prevents one side of the shutter from opening. Canada Shutters (aka Toronto Shutters) know that what they are selling is a good product and they are obviously proud of it. Effie came to our house, on time, and told us all about the shutters they sell, explaining why their product is such good quality. She demonstrated, with samples, what the shutters could look look like and how the rounded window could look. Also, how one side of the shutter next to the tub would be installed with a magnet so we could not open it and bash it into the tub but we could still remove it to clean the window. Neat! Effie answered all our questions. She made suggestions and recommendations without us having to think of all the questions. After this visit, Effie sent us emails with pictures showing specific shutters that would be very similar to ours. In this way we could see exactly how the shutters would look on our window with the rounded top. Another company had suggested we not cover the rounded upper part of our window and just have a gap at the top. Effie told us we had a beautiful window and took the trouble to explain why we should round off the shutters at the top to cover the rounded part of the window. It made sense. The extra cost was the same amount whether we dealt with Canada Shutters or the other company that gave us a quote. At installation time, Andy arrived on time, knew exactly what he was doing and laid down sheets to protect the floors and bathtubs. It was obvious that he was proud of the job he was doing and that he was going to fit these things with great precision! And he did! He installed our shutters very quickly and demonstrated them. Canada Shutters even matched the shutter hinges to our door hardware! An all round pleasurable experience!

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I do not recommend TSC movers. TSC sent us four removal men and only one of them had any moving and carrying experience. We were moving from a four bedroomed house of about 3000 square feet and had some very heavy furniture. One removal man, a youth of about 19 who had been hired that day from some sort of casual labour pool, actually walked off the job after 2-3 hours as his arm hurt. He did not tell his colleagues he was leaving and had the nerve to ask me for directions. Of the other two removal men, one was enjoying his first day on the job and the other was enjoying his third day on the job. The result of this was damaged furniture with many scratches as they had no idea how to lift anything properly. Please note that we hired TSC after, a) having the owner come to the house and estimate based on the items being moved and b) checking out their premises and buying some boxes from them. All appeared fine. While in their offices we booked a move date acceptable to them and to us, booked a specific size of truck and 4 removal men. TSC took a deposit of $200 or $300. Shortly after booking, TSC phoned to ask if we could change our moving day to another day that same week. We said that unfortunately we couldn't. During this phone call they did not tell us they had overbooked but, in retrospect, this is what we think happened. Also they did not offer a refund nor suggest we hire another company. If they had told us that they had made a mistake, had overbooked and could not handle our move, we would have got our deposit back and booked elsewhere. We had other quotes and, at that point, it was not too late. Closer to the move date we even phoned TSC to check the date was OK and was told it was all fine at their end. It obviously wasn't but they would rather take the money and provide you with totally inexperienced labourers than be honest. BEWARE!

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I do not recommend this fireplace shop. They sell good products but from the time you choose your fireplace to the time it is fully installed takes several months. The store's masonry person went completely absent, never returned any calls, yet the store manager kept making excuses for him. We eventually hired our own masonry guy in order to speed up the process. The Easy Fire employee who then installed the marble surround was obviously not used to doing a quality job and had to be told where his caulking was missing and where his wood surround had split. The final insult was them charging more than quoted for the marble surround.

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