College Pro did some exterior painting for us 8 years ago. When they followed up this past January to see if we needed anything, we asked if they would consider interior work. We then proceeded with Evgeny to consider the scope. He prepared a detailed estimate, separated into segments, so we could choose what he would do and what we would do. Evgeny’s initial approach to us was respectful and professional and detailed and remained so throughout the work. Mainly because of his excellent interaction with us, we awarded the work (less than $3,000.00) without seeking other estimates. He made sure that we all knew what the work and the price was to be, and kept us informed as the start date approached. The excellence continued with his painting crew who were professional in both their attitude and their work. All projects have speed bumps and ours was a colour problem. Evgeny provided a solution that satisfied us and College Pro. Through his efforts we now have the correct colour at minimum extra cost – all through his efforts and the support of the painters. We are very satisfied with the end result and would strongly recommend Evgeny (and the painters) to anyone looking for interior or exterior painting. With Evgeny, College Pro has a valuable partner in their business.

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