Green Side Up is the best contractor I have ever worked with bar none! I would not hesitate to recommend them.

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WOW, Esther! So short yet so very sweet!!

Thank you so much for being such an amazing client, for letting us build you this project, for your business and most of all thank you so much for putting your trust into Green Side Up Contracting.

Bell well :)

Jay & Rob


We bought several Appliances from Unionville at the end of 2013, when we renovated our kitchen. Everything was supposed to be new, nothing refurbished. One oven has been serviced 3 times. When we used the other oven it had oven cleaner in it, clearly it had been refurbished, as there is no reason to clean a new oven. The biggest issue was the AirKing Exhaust vent which we paid over $1000 for. We noted that the fan was turning black around the light sockets; it took much trying and involvement from the manufacturer to get a new one installed. The new one was of lesser quality than the one we paid for (as confirmed by AirKing) and never worked right. Again, it took months to get this one picked up, with the involvement of the manufacturer; We ultimately bought a Bosch unit from Canadian Appliance and are thrilled with it. Even though Unionville Appliance promised us a full refund, It took several calls and when we finally got it it was minus a restocking fee! We get defective appliances from this company and they have the nerve to charge a restocking fee! This company is long on promises, but very short on promises. I highly recommend not doing business with this company, unless you want trouble and very little sympathy from them.

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