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I met dave in dece3mber 2010. He was quoting another reno but my friend decided not to use him. I wish i had made the same smart choice. He should up late for a scheduled home appt on a house that my friend bought but hadn't closed on yet. This guy didn't even bring a tape measure with him he had to borrow one. I was having a tough time finding a contractor for my home and my friend said dave was a nice guy but was his second pick. So i decided to meet with him and he seemed hungry for the work. The scope of the work was first deconstruction which doesnt involve much skill and he was good at that. As the job progressed we started noticing sloppy workmanship and started calling him on it. He claimed to be able to do it all and stupidly i allowed him to. His tiling work was garbage(i ripped out all the granite he installed and hired a pro tile guy to redo it). His drywalling was uneven, baseboards and trim work i still look at and curse him for. Overall he is nothing more then a handyman that passes himself off as a contractor. Learn from my mistake and hire a real company not this second rate worker.

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I was extremely happy with the knowledge and advice on which speakers to buy for my home. Also they where very good at phising the wire throught the walls and cleaned up after them selves. I would highly recomment him if you are thinking of installing a home threatre system

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