Last year during the winter we found that we had a bat in our basement. As we were told from a pest control company that they hibernate during the winter we waited until the Spring. Three weeks ago we realized that there were two bats now and we decided to call an expert with bats instead of fooling around with someone else. When I contacted Benjamin he could hear in my voice how worried I was. He said he was coming the next day and later he called me back that he was on his way. He was very knowledgeable and gave us all the details of the job. He sealed the house and after two weeks we are bat free. He will come back to remove one way exits he installed. We were so happy with the results we highly recommend going with Ben to remove any amount of bats you have. You will not be disappointed even if the quotation is higher than you thought. When you factor in piece of mind it is a bargain! Thanks Ben!

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