Some service providers aren't worthy of many words to write about or deserve any recognition at all with what they do. They come, they go and that's the last you see of them. Not so with Byte Network Security and their representative Stephan Chu. I had been toying with the idea of having a security system installed in my home of 7 yrs. Thinking I was safe living in my area, surrounded by great neighbors who look out for each other, I felt the added expense on a strict budget wasn't a high priority, until I had a break-in and was robbed while my son was home in the basement. The thief made off with thou$ands without an incident but I shriek at the thought of what could have happened if he was confronted by my son. Stefan came to my home and we discussed all of the security options in detail that would meet my budget, as well as my needs. What I loved about him was his knowledge, his compassion, understanding and he was totally in tune with my needs, and not the amount that would go into his pocket. He overflowed with professionalism and I couldn't help but think how this young man equated to that of an overly mature adult with many years of experience, and being at such a young age. He replied that his boss had been instrumental in his guidance that totally amazed me, and the kind of people that i want to be associated with. He took the time to walk me through the system so I understood it. Stefan also came with the installer Igor and oversaw the complete installation process and they both gave me the comfort I needed in knowing that I was in the best of hands. Byte Network Security goes above and beyond the ethics and standards of any other company. This company is a "10+". Thank you Byte Network Security and thank you Stefan. Your honesty, integrity and compassion oozes out of you!

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