Ross and Eric fitted me in for a quick appointment to replace a part on my toilet which wasn't shutting off and therefore using a lot of water. I had used them before for electrical and other plumbing problems and could not have been more pleased. They work so professionally together and are a fine example of what a father-son relationship should be.

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Company Response

Many thanks for the kind words. we do our best to treat your home as though it were ours and we truly enjoy working together.


We used Fresh and Clean to clean our carpets for a number of years. After a major renovation with new carpeting and rugs we didn't require cleaning until now. We came home after a 10 day trip to find that our beloved Airedale whom we rescued two years ago had been traumatized by our absence and used the rec room Berber during the night several times. I called Fresh and Clean and requested an emergency cleaning. Ravi arrived a few hours later and took care of the problem. Fantastic service!

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