If you are looking for service, price, and fast delivery, then stay away from Save on blinds. I will start with that my blinds as of today has not been installed as promised on 5 to 6 days. So we contacted save on blind on the north to get a quote so Adrian arrived late to our address then everything started ok he knew his product (graber) blinds and explain us a few options. Then he proceeded to take measures and once he was done he quote us on the spot so first thing to be aware is save on blind is overpriced and is not transparent on their prices so Adrian started with an insane quote around 3150 dollars according to him that was list price which was insanely high for a 2131 sqft house but then he said that because he takes advantage of economy of scale and buys hundreds of blinds he was able to give us 40% discount with put our blinds close to the 1800 (still not cheap) but we made the first mistake here because he knew we were on rush he offered us 5 to 6 days installation if we close the order with him, so to close he asked for 80% payment again it didn't feel right but we were on a rush so we pay him. Then later at home I felt he charged us to much and went home to look at the product he was selling us and for our surprise that same product that he sold us (Graber lake forest faux wood blinds) were available online at and they were 35 to 40% cheaper that his discounted price so I wanted to cancel the order before he order it.SO basically we placed the order with him at around 9PM and at 11PM I e-mail him to cancel the order and on the next morning I talked to him around 8AM to cancel and he told us it was to late he already ordered (again it didn't sound right) but he knew that if he tells us that we were obligated to buy and wont be able to cancel as that was stated on the purchase contract. So then he offered us to match the prices of but add his measurement services which were at 75 CAD and we ordered him blinds for two houses (second order was same 30 to 40% over too) however at this point we were at 150 on his initial measuring service which left us with a cost of around 400 to install 15 blinds so we agreed on paying in full so we could get our blinds on 5 to 6 days. So if you are a DIY and are not in a rush you can save a substantial amount of money if you buy online. Then as of today it has been more than two full weeks and our blinds hasn't been installed so on our experience Save on blinds has been under delivering on everything which mean higher and hidden cost not explained on front and long waiting time and I will wait until the install to comment about the quality of the installation and product. By the way when we were asking for the delivery first day we were told they were waiting for a purolator then that for Fedex and last day than UPS has delivered so this one also sounded wrong to us too as why a same manufacturing plant would use three different carriers to ship their product to one location so we felt that all that save on blind was telling us was dishonest and fabricated as most of what they told us made no sense to us.

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