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We hired NuView to replace almost all of the windows in our house and to put flashing over the windows that we didn't replace. They came out almost within days for the quote, which was a bit high. We chose to go with them anyways as we were convinced about the quality of the product as they were recommended to us by our neighbours. Because the windows needed to be made to order, it took 2 months before they could be installed and then because of our holiday schedule, was delayed a month further. The window installers were quite fast and professional. They noticed a scratch on one window when they were being installed. We are still waiting to have it replaced (3 months later). Overall, we were happy with NuView and would recommend them if you were looking for very well insulated windows.

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We bought a new fridge and stove at Home Depot. We have also bought most of our building supplies there including sinks, toilets, flooring and paint. The selection is always great, good price and the staff (once you find them) are really helpful. We will definitely keep using Home Depot!

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We hired Contex do reshingle a portion of our roof and to replace the cedar shakes on one side. They came out and gave an estimate very promptly and were available to do the work within a week or two. It was completed within a day and a half. They identified a spot under the siding where the wall was rotten and did this small bit of additional work at a very reasonable expense. The work was of good quality (at least as far as we can tell cause we're not on the roof very much!). The only minor complaint that I have was that I continue to find shingle pieces in the garden!

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We had approximately $40k in work done including significant basement renovations. At the outset we were told the project would be complete in 2-4 weeks. The work took nearly 8 months to complete, with strong pushing required on our part. About a month in, we stopped hearing from our project manager. Eventually we asked one of the subcontractors (!!!) and discovered that our guy had left the company. You'd think Royal Home would have let his clients know. Numerous calls and constant pushing from our side was required to move the project along. The quoted priced was average compared to the other estimates we receved. Early on (and before we were disillusioned), we were asked to chip in a bit more for some excavation that had to be done. Quality of the work done was quite high (once it was completed). The only blemish on the quality has to do with the fact that the sub that was brought in to do the excavation was hit with a stop-work order from the City, and was forced to redo some of the work. We will not be going back to Royal Home again and would not recommend them to others.

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Company Response

I have personally searched through our files with regards to this posting. I have failed to find this particular project with the little information I have. I encourage &quotGeorge&quot to email me directly so we can identify the project and post an appropriate response to this posting.