I want to thank Larry for an amazing job!!!!!!!!!!! 8 months ago I bought a house that I decided to rebuild. The project was to rebuild the back of the house... reframe the main floor and add a second story. in the front of the house... a lot of custom framing work was required to change the entire look of the house. and inside a lot of minor framing required to the basement and existing framing. so my project began by trying find a framing contractor. I researched a bit online to find 3-4 contractors. I'm always skeptical about reading reviews because you never know if the reviews you read are real or if the contractor asked a friend to post THIS POST IS AS REAL AS IT GETS!!!!! AND IM EXCITED TO SHARE MY STORY FOR THOSE OF YOU LOOKING TO HIRE A FRAMMING CONTRACTOR..... So I called Larry from rebuild the planet and we booked an appointment. from our first meeting, he was punctual, professional and extremely knowledgeable. i asked him for a quote, which he emailed to me 2 days later. his prices are very reasonable. not the cheapest but not the most expensive. (i tend to never go with the cheapest worries me when some contractors can be 30-40% cheaper than the average. i found the cheap guys always seem to be the least knowledgeable. from the moment he started, i cannot say 1 thing bad about this man and his company. my architect who has over 20 years experience met with him on site and told me that he seem to be the most knowledgeable framer he ever met. NICE!!! Larry and his crew started on the date he set and finished 2 days before he said he would complete it . everything was inspected of course by the city and passed. no problems!!!! Hiring Larry was the best decision i made in this project. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for framing work.... big or small. I'll try and post some before and after photo's so you can see what he did. AMAZING JOB LARRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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