This is a very difficult company to work with. They rarely if at all call back once you have purchased and paid for your building. Drawings are not made to your local building code, you must provide THEM with the specifics that need to be changed. If they get it wrong they will threaten with charging you to re-do the drawings. On the same note if your county requires extra details such as a connector plan; they will promise you up front all necessary plans will be provided with the price. NOPE. You will pay extra for that after months of calling and arguing. When they make that sweet deal you are getting on the building they will tell you not to tell anyone how low you are getting it for. They will bring a sales manager on the line to help sweeten the deal and sell you on it. That will be the last time you will ever be able to talk to a manager. Also remember they are in Canada. Go with a local building supplier it will make your life much easier. Buyer beware.....

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