We have an old house. Inconveniently, but not surprisingly, the ceiling in our guest bedroom started to sag. Originally it was just in one spot, and we put off doing anything about it. But shortly before we were to have overnight visitors we checked on the room only to see that a much larger and fast moving sag had emerged. We had hired Trent before with good results, so we called him and he found the problem (raccoons in the attic, plus a leaky roof). He and Jimmy were able to fix the attic and replace the old ceiling with new a new drywall ceiling while we had a roofer handle the roof. It was like a magic trick -- presto -- everything was repaired, repainted, and cleaned up good as new in time for our visitors. Trent and his team are reliable, tidy, respectful and we're always quick to recommend him to friends.

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My neighbour recommended Whiteshark to me. I called to book an eavestrough cleaning and to get a quote to have an extra downspout put in. I called in the beginning of June and was told the cleaning would occur between June 19 and 30th. It's July 7 and I'm not sure whether or not they've been cleaned. I haven't been invoiced, but one downspout seems to flow better. I'm still having water spill out of my eavestrough in one spot, though. They made a separate appointment for a quote for the downspout. The appointment was for between 2 and 4pm. They got there at noon. I wasn't home, but that was ok because I told my sister (who was home) exactly what I wanted. Not that it mattered because the Whiteshark guy went to his truck, got his sign, put it on my front yard and slipped a quote in the mailbox. It gives me a general idea of the cost (almost $250...for 1 downspout on a 2 storey home) - but I wanted to talk about placement and having it connected to a rain barrel. I can't believe I had to wait 3 weeks for that - surely someone could have given me a similar quote over the phone. Not impressed.

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