Broken appliances....the downtime is painful. I have always used Appliance Dr. to repair our appliances for many years now. They have always given us great service. Repaired quickly when it was worth it, and advised me to replace appliances when the repair wasn't worth being done. All the repairs have lasted. Reasonable pricing. I appreciate the opportunity to make our appliances last longer before replacing. I will continue to use them for years to come.

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Fun and Function Renovations – Bathroom Renovation Nightmare! You might find this review of Fun and Function Renovations rather boring. My story is not new or unique. In Calgary, we’ve all heard of the unhappy homeowner, the nightmare home renovation. I write this review not to entertain, but to hopefully provide food for thought should you be thinking of hiring Fun and Function Renovations in Calgary, for any renovation or bathroom remodelling work in your home. A renovation is a big undertaking. You save your money, you dream about beautiful new fixtures and surfaces, you imagine the beautiful craftsmanship, you plan, you talk to suppliers, you organize until finally one day, you pull the trigger. You decide to finally go ahead and get some work done in your home. You know it will be an inconvenience, but you know that’s the pain you have to go through to get the work done. But then, things don’t go exactly as planned. The workmanship is...well in our case, very poor in areas. But hey, things happen, no renovation goes off without a hitch right? You talk to the contractor, then you talk to him, then you try to talk to him , and then you realize, hey, he isn’t returning my phone calls or emails anymore. You ask him to come back to your home to look at some of the work – there are problems. But they can be fixed, you stay calm, you are confident this can be worked out. You are reasonable. You are patient. 10 months of patient. But then slowly you realize.....this contractor isn’t coming back out. Fun and Function Renovations is done with you. Pete Palffy of Fun and Function Renovations has been paid and is “on to the next one.” And you are left holding the bag. You even go to the Calgary Better Business Bureau to help resolve this mess. No luck. And that my friends is renovation heartache slash nightmare we are all used to hearing about. The poor workmanship stares us in the face everyday, reminding us that we have been had by yet another contractor who doesn’t care, who doesn’t stand behind his work, who doesn’t honour the warranties on his website. I wish that we could go back and not have hired Pete Palffy of Fun and Function Renovations for our bathroom renovations and other remodelling work. He unnecessarily damaged many existing surfaces in our home while working here (damaged hardwood, paint overspray on our daughter’s new bedroom furniture and our built in shelves from lack of drop sheets, damaged banister, scratches on side bathroom cabinet, scratches on bathroom mirror). He installed an exterior door for us that the wind blows open by itself all the time (actually only a breeze is necessary). The deadbolt installed by his “former security expert” is terribly misaligned. He installed interior doors where the light shines through the tops and sides of the doors when the doors are CLOSED. I can pass paper through the sides of the door when CLOSED. The doors are cut horribly crooked – visible to the naked eye. He installed some of the door hinges upside down and accused my husband and I of doing that! While tiling my bathroom floor he cracked a tile in the corner. He could have replaced it at the time, but didn’t and now I must live with a newly tiled bathroom floor with a cracked tile. My shower door which he supplied and installed started leaking. He advertises a 10 year warranty for that on his website. He will not come look at it though. He does not keep the promises he makes on his website about warranties and service. I’ve had a hardwood installer and a tile installer in my house since Pete Palffy from Fun and Function Renovations was at my home – they both shook their heads – at his tile work and his hardwood installation. I just feel I would have been better off living with my house as is – what a waste of money! Calgary Fun and Function Renovations. Ha! There was nothing Fun or Functional about our renovations from Pete Palffy at all! I am aggravated to no end that he will not even come look at the work so that a reasonable discussion can begin on these topics! I think that it is unreasonable for someone to have a bathroom renovation or home remodelling done and expect perfection. It is just not going to happen. But I do think it is reasonable for a consumer to expect that should problems arise that the contractor, such as Pete Palffy of Fun and Function Renovations, be willing to come back out and look at the problems and discuss them with the consumer (me). But he simply refuses to even look at the work and discuss the issues – I feel helpless in getting him to respond. I would love to be able to change this review to have a happy ending but I simply cannot do that when he will not address one single thing that I have mentioned here. So for now, if you are considering hiring this company for bathroom renovations or home remodelling, think again. A Calgary bathroom renovation or any home remodelling project from Pete Palffy of Fun and Function Renovations is sure to disappoint.

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Company Response

I am Pete Palffy, owner of F&F Renovations.
I have previously submitted a rather nasty response to the above comment, that was unprofessional and for this I apologise.
Many thanks to Shannon Wong, member of this site, who has been so very helpful to assist dealing with this mess.
It is unfortunate, but no company can please every customer. We regulary go above and beyond to earn a good rep and to make everyone happy. To prove this, I have copied a few quotes from our customers that are also posted on our website. It also includes a letter from (name removed), contradicting her review above.
It is not my place to bash anyone online or to badmouth their company. I also feel that people must do what they feel is the right thing to do.
For me the right thing to do is to respond with something positive and the comments below are doing just that.

Thanks again to Shannon who was really cool to offer guidance dealing with this.

God bless everyone.