Don't go with this company. The owner came out because I had rats in my crawl space. He told me that he would put a few traps in there with peanut butter and that would take care of them. The first rat was caught within 3 days. I scheduled an appointment for him to come to remove the rat as I have a gate and dog that needed to be put away. He never showed up. I called back re-scheduled for the next day and they gave me an hour time frame. They showed up more than 3 hours later. Then about a week later, another rat was caught. Same thing, scheduled an appointment and they never showed up. So, I decided to just remove these things myself. Then after awhile, after I kept catching these things, I decided to ask for my money back because the problem was never solved. They told me that my 6 month warranty had expired and they couldn't do that. Then I called the owner, Ted. He just told me that he didn't really want to talk about it and if I had a problem, to go to the Better Business Bureau. They didn't even contact me once for follow up in the 6 months. Not once. Save yourself some $$$ and but traps and a jar of peanut butter @ Home Depot or go with a reputable company that has higher standards of work practice.

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