They have installed hot water tank for me in 2014, no problems or concerns. Have worked on my furnace, ran into difficult repair, but they stood up, and did the right thing. I would recommend them.

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Company Response

Hello Calum, I understand you are not satisfied with our service and I apologize for that. When we came out to your house to look at your furnace, it was displaying error codes that had nothing to do with the control board. After earlier discussions with you, I had previously picked you up a “Universal two stave control board” matching the serial # (I apologize on the suppliers behalf for incorrectly diagnosing the model). I did not even attempt to put the control board into the furnace as it was displaying a completely different error code (flame sensor and roll-out switch). When I left your house the furnace was functioning and displaying no status codes. I had asked what form of payment you would like to make and you chose to pay cash. I did not make an invoice but all payments we documented and taxed. I gave you a break on my rates as I had felt bad for you without heat. Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns. I apologize for the inconvenience that you have been through regarding your furnace.