I am delighted with our new kitchen! It took us about 4 months from closing the deal to enjoying the fully finished kitchen. The team at Foson was very helpful and clear on what services and materials they would provide and what we would need to source on our own (e.g. tiles, grout etc.). Maria and Jason worked very hard to fit as much as they could in within our timelines and, more importantly, budget. During the term of the project, they kept in touch and were easily accessible to update me on the status of progress. There were some delays and hiccups initially that we had to work around, but once we started getting our dates for work lined up, tasks flowed well. The team that undertook the demolition of the old kitchen and the new installation was very mindful and respectful of our space. I'm very particular about attention to detail and want to thank Peter and Bob for entertaining my perfectionist ways with good humour. The countertop crew was amazing! All in all, I would recommend Foson for your next kitchen project.

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I am very impressed by the high degree of professionalism shown by the whole Carpet Mill team. From picking out the flooring through to measuring, delivery and installation, it was a family affair and I'm so glad that my first renovation experience was with them. The floors look great! Thank you for making my home that much more appealing to live in.

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What could this company do to improve their services?
Contact client in the interim to update them on status of floor delivery and to remind them to arrange for any logistics such as booking the elevator for delivery.
Any advice to offer fellow homeowners facing a similar project?
Try to keep the work area as clutter free as possible including removing as much furniture as you can so that the installation can flow quicker.
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