Pemberton are currently renovating the sales centre which exists in a condo they have built around 9 years ago. The space will turn into 3 suites. I have no issue that work must be done. However, all unit owners must abide by condo rules that respect other owners and their ability to live in peace during the appropriate hours. As such, no construction work of any kind is allowed before 9AM. The site manager in charge of construction agreed to this in-person. Clearly, much like the heir to the Muzzo family fortune (whom own Pemberton) who plead guilty to Impaired Driving killing four people - Pemberton have a sense of entitlement which makes them think the rules do not apply to them. Despite agreeing to no construction before 9AM, despite the property manager, concierge and residents notifying their trades of this fact, work has continued from 7AM every day disturbing elderly residents and people that do not share sleep patterns with your typical construction worker. This is not an open construction site. The residents and the condo rules have not been respected. Know that if you buy with them, you cannot count on them to follow their word, or act responsibly or care about others. All they care about is themselves, damn everyone else.

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