G Force Air offers outstanding service at a competitive price! Our heater was not working properly over one of the coldest weekends yet in Toronto. Mark from G Force Air called back within a half an hour of my request and was able look at the furnace almost immediately. Mark was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the cause of the problem and even took additional time to go over preventative measures and suggestions for better furnace performance. I would definitely use G Force Air again and would recommend this company to friends and family.

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Top Class Air Duct Cleaning Inc. offers excellent, flexible service and is reasonably priced compared to other companies. I called on a Wednesday and was able to receive an estimate and schedule an appointment for the coming weekend. The two representatives were professional and took extra care when manoeuvring the hoses around our new house. They even spent time with me to explain how best to maintain the furnace going forward. I specifically asked for a business card in order to use them in the future and would definitely recommend them to friends.

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Our experience with All Choice Movers turned out to be a complete nightmare. We had a signed contact for the packing, moving, and unpacking services for only a one bedroom condo + den which was not upheld. The movers showed up an hour and a half late, did not come with any packing materials, which delayed the job even further, and when the packing was completed, things were just thrown carelessly into boxes and only half of the items were wrapped in paper (but we were still billed for over $300 in packing materials). The ‘unpacking service’ included leaving all of the boxes in our living room that were not labelled, which we then had to sort and unpack ourselves, as well as reassemble all of our own furniture. To make matters worse, when we returned to the old condo to clean, we found closets that were left unpacked, valued family heirlooms that were left on shelves, and random items that were left in the middle of the floor. I have moved over 10 times, and this was by far the most stressful ‘service’ I have experienced with a company.

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Company Response

When this customer called to book with our company it was originally a move only. A short while after the booking she had requested a pack job aswell. The original quote was for moving only. Based with an over the phone estimation on a two bedroom the customer was quoted statistically 6-8 hours. When the customer had requested packing, we wanted to do it the day before the move, she declined and wanted it done in one day. We had also requested she use a 3 man crew and once again it was declined. When the call came into our company the morning of the move, we acted on the call and had arranged for packaging materials to be delivered promptly and a packer added to the job. At the time this was explained to the customer and she was happy with that, or so she expressed. Since the customer did not have to be out of the condo that day, we also gave her the option to move the next day which was also declined. When we are packing, we request that the customer or representative be at the job because some things may get overlooked therefore, we do not have issues if anything gets left behind. We were unaware that the customer would not be present the day of the move. The only thing to our knowledge that was not taken was the items in the fridge and freezer. The customer had requested these items not to be moved. Upon delivery of the items, the customer was telling the crew where to put the boxes. the residence the customer moved into was very small. Items had difficulty fitting in areas. We were requested to bring items through a back entrance which the customer did not have shovelled and wanted us to walk through a lot of snow to do so. Not very considerate might I add. As for unpacking, we do not offer this service since the majority of customer would like to wash their items before putting them away. There was never any talk of unpacking. The calls that came through our office were not very professional as well. At the end of the day, I told the husband that I know it wasn't great at the beginning since we came unprepared for the packaging, but I want to personally make sure that they are happy in the end. The hours charged for the move should've been 10 3/4 hours + 1/ hour travel. I charged the customer only 8 hours + cost of materials. On top of that I gave another discount. I asked the husband what he felt he should pay for the move his answer was $850.00, which I accepted. I thought by giving the customer such a large discount, I had at less compensated for the mishap. Overall, we accepted the mistake and tried to correct throughout to no avail. This is NOT the service we offer to our clients. This is the FIRST time this has ever happened. We are a small company and take alot of things personal. We always put our customers first. No one is perfect but we did try to rectify the problem.