Final Update 2017-04-23 Still looks great after 2 years. Original post Glenabbey Landscaping did a very professional job with no surprises. The clean-up was very thorough and the patio looks great. I recommend Glenabbey to anyone looking for top quantity interlocking stone contractor.

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Hi Jim
We are proud of all of our projects and its nice to hear the same from you! Enjoy your patio this summer and for years to come


Final Update 2017-04-23 My driveway is falling apart and will need replacement soon. I can not afford another $5500 after only 2 years, so I will have to live with the disaster of a job. No one from Central Park Paving ever came to look at or to attempt to fix any of my issues. My old driveway was in better shape after 25 years. Original post I had my driveway done last summer and was not impressed at all. The edge is very wavy, the surface finish is uneven with tamper marks and my grass was littered with bits of asphalt. Now 9 months later I have discovered the real problem with the job. A hole has opened up in the driveway and the asphalt is only an eighth of an inch thick. Update 2016-03-24 I contacted Central Park Paving regarding the hole in my driveway before writing this review but I am still waiting for Central Park Paving to acknowledge me. Also I have provided proof to HomeStars that I am in fact a paying customer. Update 2016-05-03 Finally go a reply from Central Park Paving on 2016-04-06. "Your repair has been added to our repair list and a member of the crew will take a look at your hole." No one has been by yet and now I have two holes, cracks and numerous tufts of grass sprouting out of my driveway.

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I do not know this customer.
I believe it's a competitor attack
Please investigate ASAP