The movers themselves (Steve and his team) were excellent. They came in right on time and carefully moved our belongings from our condo to our new home with car and professionalism. There was one small issue with a broken leg on a dresser which was addressed on the spot. The dispatch/office team is another story. On the day of the move 3 movers were sent instead of 2 (our quote was for 2 movers at a rate of $125 per hour). The move was 4.25 hour and yet we were charged on our visa (absent of an invoice) for significantly more than what we had agreed to on our initial contract. The contract gave an estimate and also states "You will be charged actual time/travel costs upon completion of the move. We always aim to complete the move in less time than the estimate when and where we can." I asked for clarification for the charge on two separate days after our move and was promised a call back. A call back was never made on either day. I finally received an invoice that showed 7 hours billed for the move. Today I asked to speak to Johan the manager. Johan called me back and while I was trying to explain our concerns I was told that we are trying to 'nickle and dime' and he hung up the phone mid conversation. Never once did I ask for a refund. I simply asked for a call back to understand a charge that was not congruent with the contract we signed. My request to speak with Johan was simply to suggest that sending an accurate contract and engaging in transparent and accurate billing practice is preferable to changing the terms of an agreement and incorrectly/subjectively billing a customer. 5 stars for the moving team. 0 stars for management and the dispatch/office team.

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Company Response

Dear Shafin,

It’s a shame you are taking this public. Seeing that we are here now I can also say that harassing our office staff and using threatening language is not tolerated at Angel Movers.

We conducted your move without any issues until you started harassing our office staff and being condescending.


Writing bad and incorrect content about hardworking people is usually a reflection of the authors personality.

We still wish you well!


Tom and his team were amazing. Todd, Mike and Earl collaborated to hang, mud/tape, sand and paint my basement project. They were always on time on scheduled work days and cleaned up very nicely. They helped out with things that went beyond the original scope of work. Drywall finishing is an art and Pronto Construction created a masterpiece. I was going to take on this final stage of the project on my own and I thought better of it after I realized I needed it finished fast and with a professional touch. I would highly recommend them.

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Company Response

Hey Shaf, thank you for the amazing review. Every single one of us looked forward to coming to work in your basement everyday, thank you and mom for your hospitality, lunch everyday was amazing. Im glad you are happy with the job and hopefully i can come by soon to see the finish.
All the best, talk to you soon!