I provided accurate measuring for 3 blinds. One came back cut rather short and the other 2 were too long. Brought them back have them cut shorter. Clerk insisted they would have to charge even though, my measurements to them we're accurate A rep from B to G finnaly came to my house to measure and even then, for some unknown reason, refused to acknowledge that my measurements obviously were well within the tolerances outlined in the purchase aggreement. Was going to outfit the entire house but I'll be going elsewhere. They basically cut my blinds 1/4 inch larger than required. Oh well, it could have been 18 windows -had I placed the full order all at once.

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This young man provided old time quality service. Fresh out of trade training, William appears to be well versed in all aspects of the heating and cooling industry. On both service occasions, he was prompt, courteous, efficient with reasonable fees. I will not hesitate to call on him again and will recommend AAA HVAC to others.

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