Desmond came around, at the time specified to do the estimate. Estimate included complete eavestrough replacement on a 2300 sq foot home, and included gutter guards. Price only slightly higher than other contractors that did NOT include gutter guards! No complaints there! Took them about 2 weeks before they could give me an installation date, and it was the next day. They lose marks there on scheduling - they should be able to set up the date with a bit more notice. Installation team was competent, and explained a couple of installation quirks. Cleanup was OK, although there were a few small metal shards left around. Given the scale of the job, I'm not surprised they missed a few, so this was not a problem. I liked the fact that an inspector came around the next day to see the job. They obviously take some care in quality control. He fixed up a minor item that the installation crew could not handle; they had run out of downspout, and so could not run an extension away from the house. Overall - I'm quite happy.

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What could this company do to improve their services?
Work scheduling could be improved. It's not good to call a customer and say "I have an installation slot tomorrow". I recognize that you need to keep the installation teams busy, but you should be able to schedule with a little more notice than that.
Any advice to offer fellow homeowners facing a similar project?
Interesting to note that this company has 2 divisions. The aluminum division seems to get good reviews, while the roofing division does not do as well. This company should be on your "short list" for eavestrough work.
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Flexible - we had to leave the country for 7 weeks in the middle of the job. They accommodated us. Workmanship was excellent. Price was reasonable - we completely gutted a 3 piece bathroom, moved the shower, and had custom cabinetry installed.

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