I used the services of Pesticon 3 times. I am overall satisfied with their services, responsiveness and professionalism. Even though the specialist was very efficient, I do feel that the visits are rushed. The last visit was probably the longest, as he looked around the inside and outside for more evidence. However, I can't help but feel that the specialist just wanted to come, sell you products that may take care of your problem, and then leave. I wish a deeper investigation can be performed to help me completely eliminate the problem. If I already know what I am doing, I wouldn't need to call someone in. This is not meant to be negative as I am sure based on the number of reviews, they are very busy. They do offer a 6-month guarantee and I was able to ask a follow up question to the specialist, which is reassuring. I would recommend this company if you need someone quickly

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Thanks for your wonderful feedback. Incase if you need us in future please call and and we will be there .Thanks and have a nice day.


We have a Whirlpool dryer and it suddenly stopped working. The drum would spin but there is no heat. I googled and watched YouTube related to the issue. Tried the suggestions offered but still did not work. So I ended up calling the 1-800 “customer interaction centre” number. A service appointment was booked and the representative explained to me the cost of the initial visit ($89) and that I will be informed of the total cost of the repair and labour for me to make a decision. The Day of the Appointment: Firstly, in today’s world, I do not understand how a company can still give you a service visit window of 8am to 4pm! Most companies recognize the importance of customer experience and have narrowed that time frame. One of our family members had to take a day off work to wait for this appointment. A Whirlpool technician (not third party) arrived and spent less than 10 minutes in diagnosing the problem. We were told the computer board had to be replaced. It was only after we probed for the cost, he gave an estimate of ~$250. He said he has to order the part and will have to come back. We were not provided with a quote of how much the actual repair will be (parts & labour, etc.) and there is nothing in writing. So the next day, I called the 1-800 number back and reported that I was not provided with sufficient information and that I did not consent to proceeding with the repair. The representative repeatedly told me that she was unable to tell me how long the repair would be and could only say that it is $29 every 15 minutes. However, she said she could tell me how much the parts were (I can only assume that the information had been entered into their computer system by the technician). She said that we needed 3 parts and the total is $478. I was upset by the fact that the technician was not forthcoming with the information and misled me. I asked to speak with a supervisor. From the supervisor, I found out that it is not Whirlpool’s standard to provide customers with a written quote. And when I asked whether it is also a standard that their technician should inform the customer the details of the repair, he could not answer the question. The only thing he could offer was to ‘email’ the technician to get the information on parts and expected labour. I have yet to receive anything from the technician, the supervisor, or Whirlpool and there is no follow up. I am extremely disappointed (and angry) with this experience and I would never purchase a Whirlpool or its associated brands again. Overall, my impression of Whirlpool Service is arrogance, dishonesty, unprofessional, and a complete lack of sense of customer service.

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We first met Anthony of ALC Electric through our contractor, who used him to do all the electrical work on our house during renovation. Subsequent to that, I had contacted Anthony to perform other work. Most recently, Anthony helped us replace 4 bathroom ventilation fans and other electrical switches around the house. Anthony's work is absolutely excellent. He is experienced, professional, reliable and knows what he is doing. Communication is great and I felt at ease being able to communicate through text messaging. Anthony also gave me great advice on where to purchase the fans and other contacts for non-electrical work. Furthermore, he had a number of energy saving tips for us. I would not hesitate calling on Anthony again and I highly recommend him.

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