Unfortunately I would not recommend this company. I purchased a new fiberglass door after meeting the owner Mike at a home show about 5 years ago. After having the door installed about 5 years ago the hardware had some finishing issues. It was within a year of install. I called Home Decor and a new owner has taken over. Not very professional or backing the products and workmanship. Back and forth they would not replace the hardware only a repainting was all they would do. took off my hardware put another one in place while mine was sent out for repainting. with the temporary one in place that I could not even buy, they required to drill another whole in my new door. Fast forward to 2021 and now the door hardware is having locking issues. the key will not open and close my door. I call them again to ask for a service on the hardware. the 'locksmith' they use has a voicemail for ash fault and driveway work...??? what? really? I called the company several times leaving messages and no one has returned my call since. now my only option is to repair my current hardware. it is discontinued and there is not an option to replace it. I was told by their tech who was kind enough to explain it all to me that the only way to fix the lock was to repair it not replace it. Home Decor Window and Doors is not a company I would recommend. they are not experienced in all aspects of the company, not professional, terrible service and their "locksmith" well not sure what business they run....locksmith or driveway work. After investing $4000 on a new door it should come with better service. A company who stands by their products and services, a company that values it customers and a company that is professional. Home Decor Windows and Doors is not a company that stands by their products and service, not a company that values its customers and not a company that is professional.

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Company Response

Unfortunately for some people no matter what you do is never good enough. Our office & technician responded promptly and patiently to all of Patrizia’s numerous calls (total of 11 calls within 3 days for our Tech to explain the same thing over and over). To say that her calls were not returned is shocking.

If we aren’t professional then no one is!

We are a door manufacturing company. We make the best doors. However, we do not manufacture hardware & locks. When there are issues with hardware we always have to consult with the Manufacturer. In her case the particular hardware style was discontinued and that isn’t something we control. We still reached out to the Manufacturer and they were willing to special order one. In the meantime our Tech offered her next day service to fix the loose door knob so she can properly lock her door. She was to get back to us to book the service but instead she decided to write us a spiteful and inappropriate review. So much for trying to help.

Patrizia this note is for you: There was never a Mike who owned the company. The ownership of the company has always been the same since you bought the door, we neither use a locksmith nor do we do Asphalt. The Tech you referred to as being kind is the only person you talked to besides the receptionist. You said no one retuned your calls and yet the Tech spoke to you. Which one of the two statements is true? By not recommending us you will be denying deserving consumers the great doors we do.

Readers please note:
The door was done 5 years ago - the door still looks amazing. Patrizia’s own words while communicating with our Tech - “I love my door”.
Our quality and service are truly admired and appreciated by all our reasonable customers.


Planning any project can be stressful on the home owner, so when we met Jeremy and Ofer we instantly felt comfortable and at ease. Time lines, budget and quality work were our top priority and Land-Con delivers that and more. Jeremy and Ofer have a great deal of knowledge and experience, which was an asset to us in planning our project. Each professional crew member from design to stone work, cedar detailing, irrigation installation, lighting installation and planting were very skilled and their attention to detail was like no other. I can honestly say that Land-Con will treat your project as if it’s their own home. Our property was always left clean and neat at the end of each day. Each crew handled every aspect of our project with respect, professionalism and care. Not only can we thank Jeremy and Ofer for the exceptional and impressive work done, but we must pay tribute to the outstanding job that John, TJ, Matias, Mitch, Nick and Nick did on all the stone work, lighting and planting. Sean and his team for the terrific irrigation work. Kevin, Gary and Domenic for the precise cedar work. Chance for the stunning flagstone work. Eddie and his crew for the perfect asphalt work and Ruban for the beautiful railing. Confidence, trust, respect, professional and quality work are just a few of the incredible qualities Land Con offers. From start to finish it was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Land-Con!

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Company Response

Thanks so much for this great review, working with you guys was an absolute pleasure,
hope you enjoy your new landscape.