I purchased a 170 year old house a few years ago and last year discovered that a number of the of the joists had rotted where they meet the outer wall sill. In some cases the rot extended to most of the joist. A 'restoration' that had been done to this house a decade before had clearly hidden this with insulation (as evident by paint over the rot and random support structure that seemingly had no purpose - until we found the joist rot). Yeah. After getting an outrageous quote for a solution that was not even the correct way to solve the problem, I contacted Leuri from Rebuild and he came to my house to check it out and provide a quote. The proposed work and price seemed completely reasonable, so I accepted. When the work started it became clear that there was even more damage than originally thought. Leuri worked long hours to get this extra work done, all in a cramped basement (only about 5'6" high) over 3 days. The extra price charged for the additional work was very reasonable and transparent. Learning that the support structure for the main floor of your house is in danger of eventual collapse is nerve-racking. Rebuild solved the problem by directly replacing or sistering the joists and did a great job at a reasonable price. I fully recommend.

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Hey Scott
So good to hear that you are happy with the work.
I'm glad you feel that your home is now structurally sound.
Great job with your future Reno's