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I have been with Grand Alarms for 2 years now and I feel safe knowing that my house is secure while i'm at work during the day. Since my house is located right behind the high school, often during the school year neighbors will tell me how kids hop over our fence and cut through our backyard to get to the street (as a short cut). Sometimes when its warmer weather out i'll come home to find that the pool cover has been taken off. I have complained to the school principal several times, however it continued to happen. Unless i build a bigger fence there isn't much i can do, but i feel a lot better now that i have installed a security system in the home. At least during the day while i'm at work i know that my house is being monitored if they tried to break in. When i had the security system installed Grand Alarms also installed cameras. I told them the problem i was having with the kids using my back yard at lunch and they took care of me and met my needs. I would recommend Grand Alarms to anyone who is looking for security.

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