I had leaks in my eavestroughs which I had tried to get fixed three times by another company (and then gave up). Jesse came out and assessed the problem, fixed the issues caused by the other incompetent company and notified me of other problems that also needed to be addressed. His work didn't leak! I'm so happy. Thanks Jesse. Calling you again next year for cleaning and maintenance.

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Thank you.
Always trying to improve! and happy to solve your problem!


I never do online reviews, but my experience with this company was so awful I had to comment. A two month reno took a year due to their mistakes. My three kids and I lived in a hotel for two weeks because of their delays. They told me at 7 pm Sunday night that the condo wasn't ready for the 9 am move scheduled the next morning! . Their shower installation caused a flood for my downstairs neighbour. They forgot to remove the transport bolts when installing my clothes washer, causing it to shake uncontrollably and requiring emergency shut off. They mis-measured and installed the wrong kitchen (it didn't fit and wasn't to code, and was the wrong colour). So my three kids and I lived without a kitchen for over 6 months. There were still a ton of problems with the kitchen when it was finally installed. They left a water pipe dripping, almost causing an apartment flood. They didn't provide me with designer services, as per my contract. When I complained and asked for a rebate, they offered me only $350 off my $100,000 contract (only a 0.35% refund!), although the lack of designer cost me days of work trying to source and design things myself. They scratched my marble floor by dragging the toilet out, and ruined two sets of silk drapes by tying them back with electrical tape. They let me live for a month without a toilet seat because they installed the bolts wrong and didn't manage to get back to fix it. They convinced me to spend an extra $1000 on bathroom vanities because they were in-stock and could be delivered immediately (since we were living without any vanities), and then once I had agreed to pay for them told me they were back-ordered and would be delayed a month. Extra $1000 down the drain. They didn't follow condo board rules on noise (using a hammer drill on weekends) or mess (not putting down drop cloths), causing me to get in trouble with my new condo board. They even spray painted my apartment, getting spray paint all over my brand new hardwood floors and windows. I'm still dealing with Royal to try to get them to fix my hardwood floor because they didn't prepare the subfloor properly, which visibly moves (to the point where furniture moves that is placed on it). And believe it or not, this isn't the full list of problems - just the most egregious ones. I had to be on them constantly to make sure the project progressed at all, and to get them to address deficiencies. The only thing I didn't have to get on them for was payment - they were ridiculously prompt with asking for money. They were rude, unresponsive, and tried to overcharge me because they had erred in their contract. They even charged my credit card without authorization. I thought that the problem might have been the project manager, but he quit (because he was probably going to be fired) halfway through the project. The new project manager (Alex) was no better. Neither was his boss, Marco. My experience with this company is that Paul (the owner) is a smooth talker, who comes and does the sales pitch and says they will take care of everything. And then once the contract is signed, all of the service disappears and it becomes an exercise in "do the minimum, charge the maximum." Save yourself the torture and stay away from this company.

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As a client of Royal Home Improvements RLangstaff and family deserved better and we apologize for the experience delivered. This project review is not a good representation of the experience of our hundreds (annually) of renovation clients. Please see our website, call our office to request a reference or check the many positive online reviews posted to better understand the renovation project experience available from our company.
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