DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. July 2016 - Ordered a front, back, and screen door from Vlad. October 2016 - Doors installed at the end of October. The front door has some structural changes and the installers aren’t sure how to do it so had to call someone to help them. (Now because of all the problems we’ve had with this company and their workmanship, I wonder if it was done right and if there will be problems in the future.) When they finished I saw they had installed the wrong screen door. The door they installed was cheap and flimsy and of poorer quality than the door I told Vlad I wanted and had been charged for. I called Vlad who said he’d forgotten the one I wanted but now he remembered and would order the right one. November 2016 - Replacement screen door is wrong again. I called Vlad and he said the kind of door I wanted didn’t exist (he didn’t say this when I placed the order). They had the door at Home Depot and I sent Vlad a picture. Before the replacement screen door was ordered I had to call Vlad again to tell him that the paint on the back door was chipping. (The same problem reviewer “Joe in Edmonton” had). I fixed the first chip but more chipping happened. Vlad and his boss came to look at the door and suggested I touch up the paint myself and keep an eye on it. I don't think I should have to touch up a brand new door but I said okay. Vlad’s boss also told Vlad to check whether the screen door I wanted would fit and to let me know. December 2016 - Vlad never got back to me about whether the door would fit and one night the installer just shows up and wants me to check it’s the right door. It was dark out so I phoned Vlad who assured me it was the door I wanted. I asked if it would fit and Vlad said yes but the handle on the new door might be too big and the handle from the cheap door already installed might have to be used. The new door was installed and it’s a mess. Because the installer didn’t want to “leave holes” he left the frame from the cheap door on leaving a big gap where the new door met the old frame and no weather stripping. The new handle was used but there isn't a latch for it to close against on the old frame. This is way more than "it fits except the door handle might have to be switched". Vlad acted like these problems were no big deal and we should be happy with the door especially because he’d had to personally pay for it. I was very angry and I told Vlad he would have to order a new door frame along with the replacement door as I don’t want a door frame with multiple holes and a screen door that doesn’t fit. A professional should know what they’re doing when ordering and installing but almost everything that was ordered was wrong. If a mistake is made that’s on them. January 2017 Replacement doors from last October still haven’t been installed and the front door is now also chipping. I let Vlad know that the front door also needs to be replaced. February 2017 - Still don’t hear from Vlad so I called him to find out when the replacement doors would be installed. Vlad said they were in production and would take about 3 weeks to arrive. It actually took almost 4 months. Over the next 3 months I sent more emails and phone calls to Vlad but he never answers. Finally he answers and said the doors would be reinstalled June 11, 7 months from when the chipping started. June 2017 - Installers arrive to replace doors and to fix the screen door. Vlad told my husband that these were Canglow’s best installers and they’d come all the way from Fort McMurray just to install our doors. They installed the back door and “fixed” the screen door. However, after they removed the front door, they discovered the replacement door was the wrong size so they had to put the original door back in. They said it would take about 3 weeks for the doors to be reordered and installed. It actually took another 3 months and more unanswered emails and phone calls from Vlad. September 2017 - Vlad said the door had come in and the installation should be next week; the office would call to schedule. Nobody calls. October 2017 – The new front door is finally installed almost one year to the day after the initial install. I told Vlad to fix the screen door at the same time because it was hanging crooked and was sticking so badly we had to use force to get it to open. Nobody told the installer. He looked at the screen door and was surprised at the state of it and even asked “who had installed it”. We told him Canglow’s “best” installers had. He didn’t have time to fix it that evening as the door would have to be taken off and rehung, a job that would take 2 hours. He came back the next week and reinstalled the door. He tried to hang it as best he could but the frame is bent now from the previous installation and the door only opens less than 90 degrees. The job is finally finished. It’s a terrible job but I’m so tired of this company I never want to see them again. Unlike the months it takes to get work done, it only takes one week before they ask for the balance owing. Canglow has not apologized even once nor offered any compensation for this nightmare. I paid a 30% deposit at the beginning and as far as I’m concerned that amount was too much for this job. I apologize for the length of this review but that’s how terrible this company is. •They are very slow at coming out to do the work. •They won’t respond to emails or phone calls. Any contact I had with Vlad I had to initiate and chase after him. I found the best way to reach him was to use someone else’s phone so he didn’t recognize the number. •They do sloppy work and it’s done wrong. •They’ll make up things to explain why the work had to be done the way it was and so they don’t have to fix it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I’m very suspicious about all their 10 out of 10 ratings. Don’t believe them. Instead look at the low ratings and you’ll see we’ve all had the exact same experience

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Hello Sharon. I am sorry that you didn't have a very good experience with our company. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we always strive to make the necessary improvements to our business model to create a positive experience when it comes to buying windows and doors. Even though we have thousands of Alberta wide satisfied customers, unfortunately not every project goes exactly as planned. I would like to point out that even though there was a number of unfortunate circumstances with your order, we kept working diligently to complete the installation to your satisfaction. When the defect of the paint was observed, a brand new door was supplied to you without any questions asked. We came back on multiple occasions to make sure the work was done the right way and we kept our promise in terms of the warranty. I don't think it is fair for you to say "do not believe their 10 out of 10 ratings and only to look at the low ones". Homestars has a very strict review verification criteria, fake reviews will not be posted and Canglow works very hard to maintain our high reputation on being one of the best companies for windows and doors. Even though your project took longer than expected to complete, the job was finished and everything was installed and fixed as per our contract agreement. However, it has been close to a year and we have still not received the final balance from you. There were multiple attempts made to contact you in regards to this but to no avail. Please contact our head office at your earliest convenience to resolve this outstanding matter. I would like to once again apologize for your negative experience with our company hope you have a pleasant day.