Greg’s team did a fantastic job installing my new lawn. Well-priced and great follow-up throughout the project. The lawn looks fantastic and the team were efficient, professional and explained the process really well. The watering and mowing schedule provided is great to ensure the lawn gets its best start. Can’t recommend Niko’s Gardening highly enough!

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UPDATE: After my review, Moussa reached out to discuss the problems I’d had and try to make it right. It’s apparent that I had an unusual experience, perhaps due to it being the start of the pandemic and everyone being under extreme and new pressure. Let’s Get Moving offered a partial refund which was very generous. I feel that they have adequately rectified the issues and upon reading their more recent reviews, it’s clear they are taking more care in their work. Thank you, Moussa, for taking the extra steps to make sure I was satisfied after the fact. Great customer service and follow up. ——————— It’s been several months since my move, and I keep finding more problems and shortcuts that were taken by the movers. To begin, they damaged a baseboard, wall and floor in the rental house I was leaving, which resulted in significant costs to repair to the landlord’s satisfaction. I thought ‘My bad; in future I’ll make sure to get the insurance’. It took them several hours longer to move than expected, and it was only after a couple of hours of everything else being done that they came to tell me one guy was having trouble taking apart ONE BED, and that’s why they were delayed. All the furniture is IKEA and the manuals were provided for them. I was constantly lifting things they’d dropped outside like my kids toys, that they just left laying on the street. I didn’t start unpacking until a couple weeks after the move but boxes were just left wherever in the house, not where they were labelled (eg boxes labelled basement were in the kids rooms; master bedroom boxes in the basement). There were many cosmetic scuffs, dents and scratches on both the furniture and the walls. After a couple of months, I noticed my bedroom mattress had a large sunk-in area, and after taking off the mattress, saw that they had broken and twisted the slats on the bed, which had fallen down and were providing no support for 1/4 of the mattress. Luckily I’m a single parent and only use one side of the bed, or someone could have been hurt. Today, while taking off my son’s mattress for cleaning, I saw that they had not put the bed together properly and the slats were just sitting on the metal, not screwed in!! Out of the 18 screws and approx 40 plastic connectors supposed to be used, the only support was 4 screws and half the connectors. Some hardware was just left in the bottom of the bed and the wrong screws were used to hold up the railing (short ones versus the correct long ones). The plastic covers for the sharp metal edges were not installed at all. I’m appalled that anybody would think it’s acceptable to put my child’s safety at risk in that way. Now I am concerned about my other son’s bunk bed that they struggled to take apart, and will have to examine that as well. This was a very costly job, it was higher than other quotes I’d received, but unfortunately I was under stress for time and this company had decent ratings. It also took several more hours than expected. I never write reviews but after today’s adventure, I couldn’t stand back and not say something. I’m very disappointed and will recommend to any friends moving to stay away from this company.

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Company Response

We are so sorry to hear about your bad experience. We understand your disappointment and we would like to make things right for you.
Please get in touch with us and we will do everything to ensure you’re happy with how things turn out. Please call our office - 416.752.3254 - and ask to speak with Moussa or Tiam.
Thank you so much for the feedback! While we are not happy to know that our customers are not pleased with the services they pay for, these reviews help us improve.