Excellent experience with The Cedar Guys. Matt made things easy from the beginning. Quick replies to emails with every question answered. The crew showed on time and were very professional. Were very quick but at the same time not rushed. They took the time to make sure every tree was straight and talked to us about maintenance and care of the trees. I would highly recommend The Cedar Guys, in fact have already recommended them to 3 people. I look forward to having them back next year to do another fence line in our backyard. Thank you for an excellent experience!

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Had a delivery of "Clean" fill on July 7th. I didn't know clean fill included garbage, chunks of shingles, glass, nails, chunks of lumber, bricks, gravel, large amount of rocks. I am pretty sure picking out all the debris cost us a lot more then it was worth. Also when we called about top soil we were told they would deliver triple mix which after reading about and talking to other companies is not recommended for grass. I guess you get what you pay for. Would not use this company again. Update: We were told "clean" fill when asked about the dirt. Also were never given a chance to see the dirt until it was dropped in the driveway. Great concept this company has, if we charge you for delivery and the dirt for free we can give you garbage. Thats ok, will be taking my $10,000 in retaining wall material and stone work somewhere else. You should really treat your customers better large or small.

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Company Response

We didn't charge you for the clean fill. It is excavated from job sites and we always make sure the customer sees it before we deliver it. We charge for delivery but that is only truck time, so you didn't pay for the material.
As for the top soil/triple mix - we only carry triple mix. When you called and asked if we had top soil we said no only triple mix (because that's what we have) we didn't try to push you to buy it and you didn't in fact buy it at all. I'm not sure why that is even an issue for you.
We provide quality products and services and have been doing so for over 80 years. I'm sorry to hear you won't buy from us again, but as you said you get what you paid for and you didn't pay for anything.