Had to carve out space from the master bedroom to add a standing shower and redo hardwood floors, drywalls and insert new tiling. Great work! On time and On Budget. The team is very attentive to feedback and is customer focused. Will use again for future projects.

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An amazing job with perfect results. Artem delivered EXACTLY what we were looking for. Also takes the pain of getting multiple contractors for different components of the stairs away (ie some only did staining and not painting or railings, etc.) The job was on time and at the quoted price. Great Colour matching with the floors too. Would strongly recommend him to others.

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Company Response

Thank you Muneed.
I was glad to help you with your house renovation.


Great experience with Mike. Very honest, reliable and timely. Prices were extremely reasonable as well. I have been trying to get these jobs done for a while (replace 1 fan, repair another and reinstall a drain pipe in a 2 sink vanity) and didn't get anywhere with the estimates I was receiving (either overpriced or very long lead times). Mike and I connected via homestar, I gave him a sense of what i was looking for and he was over the next weekend. He took his time to explain the options, provided receipts for parts and was dedicated in his work. Definitely a repeat call for me for any future needs in repairs or renovations.

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Company Response

Thanks Muneeb, you were very easy to work with. Congrats on the new house, and don't hesitate to reach out for any other work you need done.

Draus Haus Home Renovations
Michal Draus
(647) 913-6453


We needed to travel in high snow season so had to make snow removal arrangements to look after our house while we were away. I looked at reviews and decided to sign up. Contract states that they use environment Canada site to assess whether to service the area if it has snowed more than 3 cms (within 24 hours) and would service within 10 hours of snowfall (although they were very convincing over the phone that it's typically within 8 hours). Day 2: snow storm - No service for 24+ hours. Receive an apology stating that it was too busy. Following 3 weeks while I'm away - While away, I used my monitoring system to see if it was being done. had to follow up 3 times to get my snow cleared after 24 hours had already passed. Had someone check on the house and seemed that only side walk and front patio was cleared so he had to remove 6 cms high snow from the drive way himself to get his car to park (6 days since last snowfall). Upon escalation, I'm told that it's likely just wind blown snow and without photo evidence they cannot do anything. Damaged property - Upon return, another snow fall on a garbage day. Crew damages the wheel on the garbage bin and doesn't inform or leave a note. Last snowfall - snowed Saturday and Sunday (6-8 cms). No service again. Called to complain on Monday and am asked to go outside with a measuring tape, take a picture and prove I have over 3 cms. Again - contract states environment Canada is used, and not having customers "prove" data. Very disappointed with the service....

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Company Response

I'm Shocked we had you as a customer for 10 snow falls on the last snow fall we had negative complains.
We came every time to clear your snow. We wanted to clear the snow for you but just that one time we asked you to take a picture if its 3 cm or over you said maybe or no. None of our customers near you had 3 cm or more of snow.
We spoke to your husband nicely then your wife got involved on the phone was so rude called us names to the lowest of the low "Listen you boy" what kind of attitude is this?
You guys were manipulating the situation, it actually never snowed last snow fall 8 cm. These are all the snow falls: Dec 12 - 3-5cm / Dec 22 - 5cm / Dec 23 - 3cm / Dec 25 - 15cm / Jan 8 - 2-3cm / Jan 10 - 1-3cm / Jan 30 - 5cm / Feb 8 - 5cm / Feb - 3cm / Feb 11 - 3cm. I'm Sorry where do you see 8 cm accumulation based off 24 hours in the last days.
Snow travels also 50k per hour like last time it lifts the snow over the tall bunkers of snow, also snow falls from rooftops too especially buildings if you live near any? believe it or not but none of your neighbors had snow because we have customers 2 min's away from you we didn't come to them because they didn't get an accumulation of 3 cm so we asked you kindly to take a picture that takes 2 seconds you guys were home, but you had a problem taking two photos.
We have many customers that do that for us we have no problem.
We would come right away. The price we gave you is $650.00 which is a fair price you want us to check your house also every snow fall waste our gas our time then we expect a double price change to $650x2. It’s not part of our contact to be driving around and checking for small snow falls we use a local weather system to get the exact snow fall during the 24hour period. If the snow accumulates 1 cm first day 1 cm the next day and so on it does not count as 3 cm or over and we come and clear your snow please read contract carefully its only 2 pages.
When I spoke to your wife she was changing the story every time.
I told her I would gladly come even without no picture but I asked her nicely is it actually 3 cm. She said it 8cm yes, I'm like 8cm when it snowed less then 3cm that makes no sense then she changed her story and said it less then 3cm, so which one is it? I asked for a picture again but that didn't help again because she refused. What damaged property? I told you anything damaged we would refund you or fix. your telling us that we didn't come 2-3 times in a row you must be joking?
I wrote you a check with a partial refund which you got in hand
I wish I could post this up here because I would if Homestars allowed us to upload pictures. Yes, we could get you an environment Canada form of the weather report if you like. Really no need to only in court or you can just go on the whether network type Mississauga and you can see it for free for yourself type all those dates in and you will see last days it never snowed 8cm.

The way our business operates which I tried to explain over the phone, but I was talked over every time because I have no say? I'm human we are human and should be treated all fairly like humans we are not always on one side I know customer service and I know the difference in serving a customer then taking advantage off from a customer this is taking advantage of making fun of us and talking down to us like we are slaves to you we have morals too like anyone else and our workers are not going to be talked down by you and your family especially your wife's attitude like she said "listen you kid".

We been in business for 10+ years we have good customer but when a customer thinks he or she is right about a situation great. show us proof and will work with Mr. Muneeb can’t send us pictures you want us to drive to your house to clear less then 3 cm of snow that's not part of our contract.

We wrote you a check back with a partial discount/refund don't understand why all this drama when all we had to do is take a picture for our own prove and we would come right away easy as that, and not had to argue ask for a refund and leave this nasty review don't get it? but, we are human and make mistakes.

Also, be careful off companies next year because we signed up 10 customers that got their money stolen they went for a cheap price, some companies don't service you at all, and some have way worse clauses then us good luck :)


We've used this company twice for moving and referred them to a friend as well. Consistently received great service! Very professional and act with integrity (haven't seen any time wastage or questionable effort). Polite, professional and efficient!

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