Had an original front door and window replaced in an older home. So it wasn’t a typical retrofit replacement. More work was required, and I wasn’t charged extra for trim and flashing, all the finessing and significant extra time required to put in the new and cover up the old. Very knowledgeable and professional from start to finish. They kept me posted the entire time with door progression due to Covid delays. Took all debris. Best price! Job turned out even better than I expected. Looks fantastic. I’m often skeptical about contractors and do most renos myself, but I will definitely have these guys back in near further for another project.

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Dear customer, thank you for your wonderful review. Your input is greatly appreciated. Aztech windows and doors will always be happy to be at your service. All the best.


I had a large interlocking project done. To be brief, and believe me, this is very BRIEF !!.... - Crew did not show up on start date, I called daily, it took 5 days to hear back from someone, no appology. - Crew is very messy and do not clean up after themselves. - Contract stipulated removal of all debris, don't count on it! - Contract stipulated polymeric sand, they began using regular sand until I had to 'remind' them what was supposed to be used. - Damage to property by crew was not repaired. - HUGE amout of various debris was not removed. - Tools of mine that they 'borrowed', are now gone. - I had to pay more money to deal with these issues myself that they said they "would take care of", and clearly didn't. - I was nothing but very nice to the crew at all times, hoping it would help me in not getting screwed over, it obviously didn't make a difference. - Dave and Doug are impossible to get a hold of once they are paid. - If they say they will return after being paid, dont count on it! - I had to call the city to contact them for the "mess" they left on city property at the front of my house and for not taking bundles of extra stone they said they were "coming back for". *** You are better off paying the extra grand or two, or three, and go with the next contractor !!

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