For quite a while I've been experiencing "noisy" water pipes in my house (due to water hammer). Jeff Wright knew exactly what to do to eliminate the hammer: he installed several water hammer arresters, which has made a huge difference: the hammering noise has been completely eliminated. Jeff also did a couple of other improvements, including a replacement of my kitchen faucet. My family and I are very happy with the results of his work. Jeff is a highly experienced and competent professional, and I would gladly call him again if I ever happen to have a need for another job related to plumbing. Thank you, Jeff!

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Thank You ;
It's always rewarding for us to receive such a kind review and is very much appreciated. It was our pleasure to be of service and hope to hear from you should you require our service in the future, we are always here to help! The Team at The Great Plumbing Co


Originally I had requested a full service: Complete removal of old insulation from my 30-year old house' attic; checking the attic for potential issues; making necessary repairs and additions (attic baffles, vents), and then having new insulation blown in and bringing it up to the R50 standard. All was done to my satisfaction (I hope), except one thing: the removal of old insulation. Having it done was important to me but, unfortunately, the machine that the crew brought with them to remove it turned out to be broken and useless. Because of this the crew could only do part of the job: adding some baffles and correcting a bathroom vent installation, and then topping up the insulation to R50. I paid accordingly less for it.

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Requested a complete roof replacement (with all available upgrades) on my 30-year old house. The work was done well as requested but a couple of my brand new downpipes (that had just been installed several days prior) inadvertently got banged up during the roof installation. The vendor told me the job was all complete and expected me to pay but never mentioned the damaged downpipes until I sent them pictures as evidence and requested replacement of the damaged parts. That work was completed in a few days. Good job, otherwise!

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